For a basic bitch in all of us…

I don’t know how the term basic got such a bad rep. These days even wearing a sweater is considered basic bitch material. That’s a whole clothing category! And hey, it gets chilly on this side of the hemisphere. While everyone has some idea of what it means to be basic, let’s dig in a little further. Urban dictionary defines basic as “an adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, action.” The actual definition of the word basic is “forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental.” So what I understand from this is that being basic is actually our human foundation and, like it or not, every single one of us has a little basic bitch in them. To say something is basic is the same as to say something is popular. Popular culture is popular for a reason – it’s universally liked by many people. And ever since Drake re-branded Toronto as the 6ix, we’ve found a new sense of identity and a new favorite hashtag. So let’s recap top 10 things loved by all of us basic bitches in #the6ix and beyond:


Pumpkin everything
We love pumpkin because it’s delicious. Give me pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin spice latte, you name it, I want it. Yes, it might be a seasonal side effect of fall, but when did it become wrong to like fall?!


On that note, fall
We love fall because it allows for so many great photo ops with all of that colorful foliage in the background. Plus, it really allows you to show off your layering game, #ootd all day, every day. To quote The Weeknd “I come alive in the fall time.” Are you really going to call The Weeknd basic?

Quoting Drake on our Insta pics
OK, it’s not my fault that the depths of his songs rival those of the Pacific Ocean. Just between his four studio albums, he’s got every life scenario covered. Why bother racking your brain coming up with your own captions, including for the name of this post, when Drake can do it better.

#Views for any picture of any view anywhere
Toronto or not, don’t matter we own this hashtag and we love to use it. Thanks to our founding father’s latest album.


Bandwagon sports
Anytime a Toronto team makes it to the finals, it’s officially bandwagon season. And why not? There’s nothing wrong about the city coming together to support our boys in their quest for championship. Go Blue Jays, Raptors or whoever makes it next – Maple Leafs, TFC, I don’t know, what else is there? Sports!


Summer festivals
From Molly ridden EDM heaven at Digital Dreams, Veld and Electric Island to indie pot blazing Wayhome and Bestival, there’s something for everybody. Denim cut offs are a must. Flower crowns are optional.


Documenting your trips to local landmarks
What’s the point of spending $200 on sushi at Kasa Motto, or making it through suffocating line up at EFS, or spending half your pay cheque on a bikini to show off at Cabana, if you don’t post it all over social media. Because if it’s not on Snap, did it even happen?


Being a lighting expert
Years of taking selfies in every possible environment indoor or outdoor makes us exceptionally good at recognizing good vs bad light that makes or breaks any picture. Nothing is more important than good lighting. Not even Snap’s pretty filter is going to help you with harsh fluorescent bulbs shining in your face.

Taco Tuesday
Or Tacos any other day of the week actually. They’re delicious and a great way to throw Tequila shots into the mix. Because one thing we love more than Taco Tuesday is Tequila Tuesday. That’s not a thing? It is now, you’re welcome. #tequilatuesday


Continuing on the subject of food, I couldn’t publish this list without the original favorite Sunday activity. Brunch is loved by all and for good reason –  you can have your first meal of the day at 2 pm with a side of vodka completely judgment free. Remember Charlie Sheen’s winning? Feels appropriate here.


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